10 Deep-Sea Creatures That Look Otherwordly

10 Deep-Sea Creatures That Look Otherwordly

Our planet is the only planet in the known universe where life exists. It is the most beautiful one as well, with diverse life-forms thriving all over, from mountain tops to deep-sea beds. Following ten deep-sea creatures will make you think like they belong to a alien planet.

The Barreleye

10 Deep-Sea Creatures That Look Otherwordly

Imagine a fish with a transparent head, that’s what Barreleye is. As the name suggests, barreleye has barrel like protruding eyes directed upwards. The eyes are enclosed in a transparent dome. This means the fish literally looks through it’s own part of the head. The fish has several luminous organs running along the length of it’s belly.

Pink-Sea Through Fantasia

pin-sea through fantasia

Phot: Laurence Madlin

Discovered only recently, the pinky-transparent bodied creature is one of the amazing life forms existing in the dark seas. The animal propels itself with the help of webbed structures under it’s body. The free swimming sea cucumber dowels at a depth of 2500 m. A team of scientists and underwater photographers from National Geographic discovered the animal in the Celebes sea.



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