Brazilian Football Players Making Fun Before Their Plane Crashes

Brazilian Football Team Just Before The Plane Crash

A plane carrying football players of Brazilian football club Chapecoense team, en route to Columbia crashed in Medellin, Columbia, leaving most of the onboard dead.

The crash left 71 people dead including the pilot and co-pilot. Four people including 3 players, two crew members and a journalist survived the crash.

Initial investigation into the deadly incident revealed fuel starvation as the main cause of the incident. According to two sources familiar with the incident and who heard the audio recordings of the conversation between the pilot and air traffic control, the plane was in total electric failure and out-of fuel. A major sign of fuel starvation can be clearly seen as the wreckage doesn’t have any apparent fire damage.

Fuel starvation in an airplane is caused by several possible reasons. The primary be fuel leakage, internal icing, failure of fuel pumps and human error.

We do know there was no fire when the plane impacted the ground, which may be one of the reasons why there are survivors from this terrible tragedy, said Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of Airlineratings.

wreckage of brazilian plane

Wreckage of the crashed plane near Rionegro, Colombia, outside Medellin, on Monday, November 28.



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