11 Unsolved Mysteries Of the Human Brain

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Human brain is the most complex thing ever, not only in our body, but also in the whole known universe. Scientists have been struggling to understand the deep complexities of this master piece of GOD’s technology. After decades of research on this body part, which in fact makes a human being a human being, though we have uncovered tens of thousands of hidden secrets of the human brain, we are no where near to understand the complexities the brain is never willing to uncover_at least anytime soon! So are you thankful to the creator knowing that he has given you something that is much bigger and more complex than anything else in the universe, than the universe itself.

This list contains 11 of the most common but still unsolved mysteries of the human brain.

2. We Still Don’t Know What Perception Is

How does the brain transfer sensory information into coherent, private percepts? What are the rules by which perception is organized? What are the features/objects that constitute our perceptual experience of internal and external events? How are the senses integrated? What is the relationship between subjective experience and the physical world? No answers!


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