10 Tragic Filmmaking Accidents Of All Times

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This list of 5 tragic filmmaking accidents made real tragic stories of their own. These accidents are only the notable ones which occurred during shooting of films and television shows, and ones which proved fatal either for individuals or the film itself.

1. Across the Border (1914), Golden Girl Drowned In Arkansas River

The accident occurred On July 1, 1914 while Miss McHugh and Owen Carter , a camera man , were engaged in making a scene in a picture entitled Across the Border . She was fording the stream in a boat , and suddenly the watchers saw the boat capsizo and Miss McHugh was plunged into the swollen stream . Carter , without hesitation , plunged into the river and succeeded in getting Miss McHugh to a sandbar . They appeared to tie safe , when suddenly both sank from view , and it is believed they were sucked down by quicksand . .


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