101 Life Hacks to Make Life Easier and Interesting

This long list contains a collection of 101 life hacks that are practical and interesting. Tweak little things in your daily life to save time and money.

Remove stems from strawberries

With this simple hack, you will stop wasting strawberries. Even the name ‘strawberries’ contains a straw, so use it!

Remove stem from strawberries using a straw life hacks
credit: Askmen

Ice cold your beverage in minutes

Sometimes you simply can’t wait longer for your beverage to be cold right! wrap a wet towel around your drink and place it in the fridge. after 15 minutes you are ready to have it ice cold.

use a wet towel to ice cold your drink

Lock flying pant zipper

Annoyed by slipping down zipper? Here is how to deal with it. Put a keyring on the zipper and flip it over the button. No more flying!

Lock flying pant zipper life hacks

Microwave pizza this way

Pizza is no more if a day old. But no more with this pizza saving hack. Place a glass of water alongside your pizza to bring that fresh taste of yesterday. Also keeps the crust from getting chewy. Mr. Beany right!

Kitchen life hacks
This is a more pizza saving hack!

Boost self-confidence

self confidence hacks

Talk to at least three persons of your opposite sex. You will end up boosting your confidence level to new heights. When you go to bed, turn off the lights, try to recall what type of wrong perceptions and self-doubts you have. Practice to change them with positive ones.