10 Albert Einstein Facts You Didn’t Know Before

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Who doesn’t know about the 20th Century genius Albert Einstein! A brain that has stunned scientists to this day. A genius who’s only lab was his brain. He made break-throwing  experiments on cosmos deep inside his brain like never before. The following Albert Einstein facts are meant to amaze you!

While you probably know his famous mass-enery equation E = mc 2  and his famous theory of relativity, you may not know about some of the very interesting facts about this otherworldly man.

#1. Slow Learner as a child

As contrary to what a grown Einstein was, he was a very slow learner as a child. He couldn’t even speak faster. According to some sources he was even dropped from the school at 15. His parents were initially worried that Einstein has a learning disability.

Einstein's childhood

#2. Presidency of Israel

Einstein was reportedly offered the presidency of the state of Israel which he turned down. The offer was proposed by Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president. Whether you like it or not, his very first trip to the United States was to raise funds for the Zionist movement.einstein israeli president

#3. Failed the Entrance Exam

Einstein couldn’t qualify the university exam in his first attempt to a polytechnic institute in Switzerland. He had to reappear a year later. It should be noted that he applied for early admission at the age 17. His failed subjects included history, geography and English language etc.

Einstein failed exam


#4. Nobel Prize not for relativity

You must be surprised knowing that the genius was not awarded a Nobel prize for his work on relativity he is known for. He got the prize for his work on Photoelectric effect.

nobel prize einstein


#5. Bad Memory

Like he is famous as the most genius brain the World has ever seen, Einstein was also famous for having a bad memory. He faced difficulty in memorizing dates, names and phone numbers.

Einstein bad memory

#6. E = mc 2  not by Einstein alone

Now this is truely mind blowing, because of the fact that this equation is the very introduction to who Eistein actually was. Various studies have revealed that the revolutionary mass-energy relation was basically established by an Austrian scientist Friedrich Hasenohrl. Hasenohrl however had established his equation with certain imbalanced mass factor. His original eqation was E = (3/8)mc 2 Stunningly similar to what Einstein derived. In 1905, Einstein corrected the mass factor and the equation took the shape E = mc 2.

einstein Friedrich Hasenohrl

#7. Nazi’s bounty on Einstein

”As long as i have any choice in the matter, i shall live only in a country where civil liberty, tolerance and equality of all citizens before the law prevail…these conditions do not exist in Germany at the present time,”

Nazi's bounty on Einstein

When Einstein heard that Nazi newspapers had put a $5000 bounty on his head, he responded this way:

” I didn’t know i was worth so much”

#8. FBI thought Einstein was a Soviet Spy

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and many other American officials believed that the 20th century genius was a Soviet Spy on a mission. They probably developed this type of thinking from Einstein’s support for socialism, civil rights and nuclear disarmament. The FBI director secretly tapped his phone calls, tracked his emails through agents for over 22 years.

fbi einstein spy

#9. Einstein’s religious believes

Albert Einstein was born in a Jewish German family in 14, 1879. His parents were more secular than Jewish. Einstein however didn’t believe or denied the existence of God. In fact he declared himself Agnostic and rejected the rumors that he was an Atheist.

einstein religion

#10. Elementary Education

Albert Einstein went to Munich’s Luitpold Gymnasium for elementary education.

eisntein's school



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