Yemeni Forces Destroy Saudi Warship in Western Yemen

Yemeni Forces Destroy Saudi Warship in Western Yemen

The Yemeni military forces backed by popular Ansarullah moment has targeted and destroyed a Saudi warship off the cost of Hudaydah, country’s western province.

The ship was targeted with a guided missile on Monday. An unnamed military source told that there were 176 soldiers and a attack helicopter onboard the ship.

The Saudi military confirmed two deaths saying the attack was carried out by a suicide boat in contrary to what the Yemeni military reported.

According to a report by Al-Masirah, the aggressive warship was involved in launching missile attacks on cities and targeting fishermen.

Saudi coalition version of the report

The so-called command of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen reported the incident as follows;

“The frigate came under a “terrorist attack,” conducted by three suicide boats, according to a Saudi-led coalition statement. While the two rogue boats have been dealt with “as necessary,” the third one hit the ship near the astern, which resulted in a fire. Two sailors were killed and three injured during the incident”.

Video footage of the attack

A video footage has captured the scenes as the vessel came under attack.




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