Syrian Army Takes Palmyra Back From Daesh Terrorist Group

This is the second time the city has been liberated from Daesh.

The Syrian Arab Army has retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from Takfiri terrorist group. This is the second time the city has been liberated by the army.

Deash first captured the historic city back in May 2015. The terror group destroyed historically valuable monuments and transferred masterpieces for smuggling.

In March 2016, Syrian Army purged the terrorist out of the city after a full scale offensive. The city fell back to Daesh in December 2016 when the country’s army was mainly focusing on Aleppo offensive.

In a statement released on Thursday, the army announced that the city has been fully liberated from the terror group as a result of the major offensive under Russian air cover and with the help of allied forces.

Prior to the army’s statement, Kremlin said the Syrian military, backed by Russian aircraft, had managed to fully retake the city.

It should be viewed as a joint success of the Russian Air Force and the Syrian military. Shortly, the whole territory of Syria will be liberated from the terrorists, said Russian lawmaker Andrey Krasov.

Syria has been engaged in a deadly war against foreign sponsored terror groups since 2011. Most of the major terrorist groups in the country are supported and sponsored by some regional and extra regional countries namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and United States.

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