Iran Nuclear Deal, EU to Stay Committed to JCPOA

Iran Nuclear Deal, EU to Stay Committed to JCPOA

Just before a foreign ministerial meeting in Brussels, EU’s top diplomat Fredrica Mogherini says the block will stay true to the Iran nuclear deal. She further stated that EU will also work for the proper implementation of the historic deal sealed between Iran and P5+1 group of powers.

The deal termed as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was struck between Iran and six World powers back on July 14, 2015. The deal brought a longstanding standoff between Washington, her allies and Iran to a breaking.

“The European Union will continue to work for the respect and implementation of this extremely important deal, most of all for our security. It is proof that diplomacy works and delivers,” said Mogherini.

The statement form EU’s top diplomat comes at a time when Donald Trump, US president-elect has repeatedly threatened to break the agreement.

The United States and Israeli regime have been accusing Iran of possibly building a nuclear bomb for over three decades. Iran however, has rejected the allegations calling it a Zionist propaganda for further warmongering in the volatile Middle East.



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