Aleppo Battle: Army Controls 93% Of The City

Aleppo Battle: Army Controls 93% Of The City

Syrian government forces battling the foreign backed terrorist groups in Aleppo have made significant gains in recent days. The military now controls 93 percent of the whole Aleppo. The liberation of the city from foreign backed militants would be a significant step towards the liberation of all the other Syrian territories under the control of various terror outfits. The results of Aleppo battle will dramatically change things on the ground.

The Russian general staff announced on Friday that evacuated residents report torture and public executions by the so-called moderate rebels supported by the US. and it’s allies.

“Civilians who escaped from terrorists talk about new crimes committed by militants of the so-called moderate opposition in eastern Aleppo. Cases of torture, public executions and massacres of the population have been confirmed,” the Russian official said.

Sergei Rudskoy, the chief of the Russian General staff’s Main Operational Directorate also stated that the Syrian Army is now in control of 93% of the whole city.

“As a result of a successful advance, 52 districts of eastern Aleppo have been freed from militants. Over the past 4 days, territory controlled by militants decreased by one third. The Syrian army controls 93% of the city’s territory”.

Terrorists backers panicking

The recent developments in the city has created panic among the foreign backers of the terrorist groups. The fall of the city to the government forces, which seems imminent now, would be a death blow to the policies of the U.S. and her Western and regional allies. With no plan-B in hand, the terror supporters seem to be panicking over loosing the major stronghold of ‘moderate terrorists’.

Government’s amnesty continues

The Syrian government had announced amnesty for those terrorists who want to surrender and come back to their normal lives. In the recent days, more than 1000 militants surrendered to the army, 953 of them are granted amnesty as promised by the president.

Thousands of residents evacuated

According to the Russian Military Staff, more than 8500 civilians have been safely evacuated from the militant held areas in the Eastern side of the city. 2934 children were among those evacuated to government held areas in the past 24 hours.

Footage shows civilians being evacuated through humanitarian corridors.

Video shows Aleppo residents dancing in joy as government forces liberate their territories after five long years of siege.

Hizbullah hints at ‘Promised victory

During a live broadcast on Al-Manar TV on Friday, the secretary general of the Hizbullah resistance movement said victory is imminent in Aleppo. He further stated that the promised victory for the Syrian forces and allies is nearing. Syed Hassan Nasrullah is widely viewed as a person who’s statements are always calculated and words are pure.

“There are great events taking place now in our region … (such as) what is happening in Aleppo, and the ramifications of the promised and coming victory for the whole battle in Syria and the region,” said Nasrullah.

Hizbullah troops have been fighting alongside the Syrian forces to counter the foreign sponsored terrorism in the Arab country. According to many, Hizbullah’s participation in the Syrian conflict proved game changing.



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