Working Together! Can’t We All Just Do This?

Working Together

I should preface this post by saying, my idea of success entails contributing something to the world that is useful and advances (all) of us to greater joy, entertainment or productivity.
While un-clogging a toilet today, I gave extensive thought to Microsoft. No, it was not the matter causing the clog that inspired me, it was the flushing action that resulted after 20 minutes of my ‘plunging’ attack.

I began thinking about what might be produced if all software companies woke one one day imagining ‘hey, lets go make something cool forgetting profits’.

I day dreamed of Windows and GNU/Linux users writing text or code in an editor that queried Google in real time. This editor constantly returned things that other people were currently working on, similar to whatever you were making .. be it text, program code or a graphic with a universal collaboration system.

I day dreamed of every company working to be sure that their OS informed users that their computer’s idle time might help find a cure for cancer, with the added benefit of an open social networking structure built in at the OS level to give armchair scientists a place to have fun and banter.

I day dreamed of recording studios streaming live video/audio sessions of popular bands recording their next album, inviting fans to add suggestions regarding the tracks, available to anyone using any OS.

While I was smiling and hovering above my clogged toilet thinking ‘What a wonderful World’, Cyndi Lauper crept into my thoughts proclaiming that ‘Money changes everything’.
I guess, she’s right. I finished plunging, everything flushed just fine.

Thanks, Satchmo, for the day dreams.



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