Tianzi Mountain, Interesting Things to Know and Do

Tianzi moutain drowned in clouds

Located in the Northern Zhangjiajie of Hunan Province, Tianzi mountain is a stunning nature reserve. With the highest peak altitude of 1262 m, and peaks rising one after the other, the mountain provides a spectacular display of beauty coupled with heavenliness.

Tianzi mountain China

A spectacular view of Tianzi Mountain peaks.

Tianzi Mountain, Story behind the name

There is a story, there is blood and a revolution behind the name of this otherworldly mountain. Tianzi (son of heaven) was actually a man not a mountain somewhere between 1127 -1300. At the time, the mountain was known as green peak mountian because of it’s iconic green tops. His real name was Xiang Dakun. Xiang, a leader of the Tujia Ethnic group, took his followers to settle in the mountian area. He organized the populations and started a struggle against the emperor of Ming Dynasty. Dakun chose the name ‘Tianzi’ (son of heaven) for himself.

The emperor sent an army of 10,000 men under the command of the king of Chu. After a fierce battle which lasted for 14 days, Tianzi along with hundreds of his tribesmen were killed in the very foots of these mighty peaks. However, the developments led to a successful revolution of local farmers. In the memory of their leader, people started calling the mountain ‘Tianzi’.

Mesmerizing beauty, Stunning heights

Tianzi Moutain is a all weather beauty. During rainy days the peaks pop out from a sea of clouds, displaying a spectacular scenery. Another unique view can be enjoyed during full moon nights when the smooth surfaces of these natural towers throw back the cold moonlight over the onlookers. In Winter, the snow-capped peaks welcome visitors to enjoy the enchanting display of nature.

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While you may enjoy visiting Tianzi in any season of the year, the best months to be there are April, May , September and October. The best time to make a trip is during rainy days and clear Sunny days_known as ‘Rays of Sunshine’.

Tianzi moutain drowned in clouds

Tianzi moutain peaks drowned in clouds. ©Bill Hertha

Things to do

  • Spectacular and unique sceneries provide great opportunity for photography.
  • Visitors can hire a cable car to see these charming peaks. During the 7 minute aerial tramway tour, a wonderful scenery of the whole area can be kept in view.
Tianzi Mountain cable car

Cable car cruising through mighty peaks. ©Eric

  • Enjoy at Baofeng Lake, a beautiful lake sorrounded by forested stone peaks.
  • Tianzi Mountain Scenic Resort
  • Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area of Zhangjiajie.
  • Visit Yellow Dragon’s Cave, which receives more than a million visitors every year.
  • Zhangjiajie Zixia Temple.
  • A day tour of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.
  • Meet the Worlds largest salamander in the giant salamander museum. The Chinese giant salamander is the largest in the World, reaching up to 1.8 metres in length.



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