Bamboo Forest Arashiyama, Breathtaking Scenic Beauty

enchanting bamboo forest kyoto arashiyama japan

Arashiyama Bamboo Groove forest is one of the few places on Earth where you feel you are in some otherworldly place. It is regarded as the most beautiful woodland on the entire planet. When the Sun shines, the well patterned green stem bamboo trees cut it into thin slashes and project it onto the onlookers_leaving the beauty seekers in a stunning feeling of otherness.

enchanting bamboo forest kyoto arashiyama japan

A spectacular view through the bamboo groove. Credit: Buzzfeed

In the early morning and late evening, air breezes, long bamboo stalks twist and leaves rustle_Leaving a soothing effect on one’s mind and soul.

If you ever find a chance to have this feast for soul, avoid weekends when the area becomes comparatively crowded. Try to get there either early in the morning or late evening.

tenryu-ji temple arashiyama

Tenryu-ji temple arashiyama.

Tenyu-ji temple commonly known as Tenryū Shiseizen-ji was built in 1339. The temple was registered as UNESCO World heritage site in 1994.

Outside the forest is the Tenryu-ji temple and many theme parks. The bamboo forest may be the superstar of the area for tourists, but the entire Arashiyama district is mesmerizing. With its low-lying tree-covered hills that bow down to the Hozu river, historic temples and attractive streets, Arashiyama has been designated a National Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty by the government of Japan.

Mount Arashi Ōi River

Mount Arashi (Arashiyama) across the Ōi River.

Did you know?

  • Kyoto was the capital of Japan before it was changed to Tokyo.
  • The city is believed to have kept almost intact, it’s historical beauty in the form of temples, shrines and traditions.
  • Some of the country’s finest temples are in Kyoto.



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