Motivational Speech, How to Overcome Odds In Life

Motivational Speech, How to Overcome Odds In Life

An Indian actor, filmmaker and producer, R.Madhavan (Ranganathan Madhavan) is a motivational character in the Indian artistic spheres. He is one of the few actors who have inspired public by achieving plan Indian appeal_appeared in films from seven different languages. Below is the transcription of a motivational speech he gave in Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai back in 2016.

Dr. Aam, thank you so much. This felicitation was another feather in our cape. You know everytime i go to somewhere to meet and talk, everyone expects me to deliver a motivational speech_thanks to this video you uploaded on youtube!

Now i am afraid that i won’t be as wise in every talk i argue, so apologies if i am not making too much sense as much as i did in that speech. But it’s always like a derivative of what questions that are asked from you, and it’s always important for people who speak to know the mood, mentality and profiling of the audience before he/she makes any sense.

Most of the time i generally prefer to speak less and i like the questions to be fired at me so that what it is that you are expecting from me this afternoon.

Sala Khadoos (Movie) was of course a label of love. Whenever you try to break the lines, surpass the boundaries usually set by the higher-ups, the wiser and older of the society or in the field or profession that you are in, the resistance is going to be very very tough. That’s simply because of this Aristotalis feeling of say ‘Hey we have been there and we have done that, we know what we are saying, so listen to us this will not work’. That’s a generation of achievers who have achieved what they wanted several years ago. That barrier is there for two reasons. First, it’s because they think you guys who want to break the set rules and come out like all of us, are immature and we are like them and we are not going to succeed.

The second most important reason is, you are making them obsolete. If your ideas were to come true, if what they are saying is wrong and what you are saying is right and you break through a different barrier, then they have to admit that they are obsolete, that their thoughts are old, that is the bigger resistance.

That was the kind of resistance i had to fight while making this film. Because people would say, who is going to watch a boxing film?, we have already watched too many boxing films do we need to watch anymore? and then, Maddy (R. Madhavan) you are going to be looking like an old man, and you are saying you are going to be her father’s age, you are saying you are not fighting in the film and tens of thousands of other reasons given to me so that i shouldn’t make this film.

But three people believed, and i think the biggest victory was right there,

To be continued….



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