Longji Rice Terraces, Spectacular Longsheng, China

Longsheng Rice Terrace

Built some 650 years ago, the Longji rice Terraces start from the river bank, winding around to the top of the mountains. The terraces are traditionally called as Longji (Dragon) terraces as the spiraling rice fields resemble dragon scales, while the mountain top looks like the backbone.

Longsheng Rice Terrace

A spring view of Longsheng rice terraces.. Credit: Wikipedia

To the site: Two hours drive through a twisty road from Guilin to Longsheng. Another 50 minutes to one hour from Longsheng town to the terrace villages Ping’an Zhuang and DaZhai Yao. While you drive to the site, a spectacular scenery hugs your imaginations. The winding road, going up and down across the mountains gives you an amazing feeling of joy that you never get anywhere else.

guilin longsheng rice terraces

Summer in Longsheng. Credit: fungann/flickr

On the site: The two villages are at the bottom of the terraced fields. Starting from this very point, the whole scenery is a feast for the eyes. Longsheng Terraces refer to several village areas spreaded across the hills. The major ones include Ping’an, Jinkeng Dazhai, Ancient Zhuang Village, Huangluo Yao Village. Ping’an and Jinkeng are the most popular terrares because of their volume and location.

Longshen rice terraces in Autumn

A spectacular Autumn view of the terraces. Credit: Chris Nener/flickr

Pin’an terraces are the most frequently visited ones. They are the oldest and touristy ones. Jinkeng on the other hand are the most spectacular ones with the widest viewpoints. The top of these hills give the opportunity of an extraordinary photography. The view of sunrise and sunset on these spots is simply mesmerizing.

winter in longsheng terraces

Winter in longsheng terraces. Credit: roman korzh

The terraced fields look like silver ribbons in spring, green waves in summer, golden towers in autumn and flying dragons in winter.



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