10 Real Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Real Life hacks are genius and scientifically sound ways of approaching things we do in our daily life. They are brilliant fixes for common problems we encounter everyday. They are smart, simple and economical both in terms of time and money.

Following is a list of 10 great life hacks to create fun out of things that otherwise seem challenging and time consuming, or simply to get most out of anything.

Look good in pictures

While a smile can drastically improve your look, an artificial one may not look as impressive, sometimes even damaging. When taking a picture, squint your eyes to make your smile look much more genuine.

genuine and fake smile

Park your car Safely

If you have a normal sized garage like most of us have, it is almost fit-to-the-size of your car. Though parking in such a garage initially may not seem to be tricky, the factor of human error can gradually put a toll on your car front. According to our own research, if you have to bring the vehicle closer than a foot from the wall, and if you have to do this everyday. Your chance of hitting the wall (including factors like carelessness, emergency situations etc) jumps up to 10 percent even if you are a good driver.

Hang a tennis ball timed to touch your wind screen
All you need is a tennis ball and a string.

Hang a tennis ball timed to touch your wind screen at the right moment to assist you eliminating the factor of error. This will save your car front from being scratched and dented over time.

Cut tomatoes like a boss

Cut small tomatoes into half in bulk using this quick hack. Take two plates, place the tomatoes inside or on the back of the first plate depending on the size of tomatoes. Place the second plate over them. Hold gently and cut through with a knife.

cut potatoes like a boss

Try on pants as you go

If you are on a quick shopping and don’t have enough time to spend in the fitting room, or you simply feel lazy to do so, this hack may prove pretty handy for you. Try to squeeze your fist and elbow into the waistband, if you can squeeze into the bad boys easily, it means you will probably fit into the pair of pants. That distance is roughly equal to your waist. Cool right!

Try on pants as you go
Distance between your elbow and face of your fist is roughly equal to your waist.