The World’s Oldest Woman Who Lived in 3 Different Centuries

The world's oldest woman in iraq

Meet Abdulqadir, the World’s oldest woman from Iraq. Still healthy and strong, she has managed to resist the aging.

oldest woman in the World

She has surprisingly maintained her health and doesn’t need any medication so far.

She gets up early in the morning, offers her prayers. The amazing lady eats all the foods. Her son told media that she doesn’t take any medication as she is healthy and strong.

world's oldest woman in iraq

Abdulqadir doesn’t need any assistance for her everyday activities.

The Iraqi government reportedly declared her dead thinking the 119 year old is too old to be alive. The government cancelled her welfare benefits considering she might have passed away already. However, recently surfaced documents confirm her age to be 119.

119 years old woman

With her birth date going back to 1800s, Abdulqadir is the only living woman on Earth who lived in three different centuries. She was born in Iraq in 1897. 

Not only that she doesn’t need any assistance doing her personal things, she also assists the family in taking care of the kids. She tells them stories, plays with them. She is grandmother to more than 200 grandchildren. 

oldest woman in the world

She spends her time taking care of her grandchildren, playing with them and telling them stories.



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