Lower Belly Pooch, 5 Minute Powerful Workouts To Kill it

Lower Belly Pooch, 5 Minute Powerful Workouts To Kill it

The lower part of your tummy can be quite frustrating if not taken care of. This part of the belly has some serious and direct affects on one’s entire personality. Especially for those who have just lost weight with hard work. The lower belly pooch doesn’t seem to be shifting properly.

The problem is a fixable one

Let’s accept that removing this lower belly bulge from in-between you and a flat tummy is a tricky job. But of course, fortunately a fixable one.

Before we go into fixing this stubborn pooch, let’s know what are the basic causes behind it. There are three primary things that cause a lower belly bugle:

  1. Fat
  2. Posture
  3. Lower abdominal muscle.

Body Fat

Body fat is the main cause of lower belly pooch. The tricky thing with fat is, you have literally no control over where you want to burn it off. It’s not like muscles which you target and shape. The only thing you can do is, workout, workout and more workout. Then it’s upto your body to decide where to lose fat. You can’t simply navigate!

Body Posture

You may have thin fat in your abdomen but the protruding lower belly can still be there.┬áThe┬áreason behind this bulge may be your body posture. It’s because your pelvis may be curved too much forwards and downwards, possibly pushing out that bottom part of your tummy. If this is the reason, your lower belly may protrude even if you are super lean. This issue can be dealt with continues practice to correct your posture. And if you think this is a problem, visiting a professional for proper diagnosis may be better option.

Lower abdominal muscle

Coming to the third cause. The pouching part of the belly may there because of an under developed lower belly muscle_a deep abdominal muscle that wraps around the torso. A developed lower belly muscle stabilizes your back, pulls your waistline down and makes the belly flatter.

The Workouts

These super powerful exercises fully deal the first and second (above mentioned) problems while partially dealing the third one.

Straight Leg Raise

A well known workout that comes as first to fight body fat and build lower and upper belly abs.


  • Lie down on your back, straighten your legs with your toes facing the wall. Straighten and place your hands under/beside your butt with your palms facing down. This should be your initial position.
  • Now inhale and raise both your legs upwards until they are perpendicular to your torso. Inhale further and try to tighten your abs.

burn belly fat faster

  • Exhale and start lowering your legs slowly to just a few inches above the ground. While you do this, keep your back pressed against the floor. Without your legs touching the ground, inhale and repeat the process. Do this 10 times in a go.


  • Make a chair position on your butt_knees bent, feet off the floor and arms by your sites.

v-sits starting position

  • Now start unfolding your chair position. Slowly straighten and lower your legs and back unless your legs make 45 degrees off the floor. Make sure your lower back is pressed against the floor.

how to do v-sits properly

  • With your core tightened, try to come back to the initial (chair) position. While you lower your legs and back, try not to relay on gravity. Repeat this 10 times. If you feel this challenging, you may start with 5 repetitions.

Hip Lift


  • Lie down on the floor, press your knees against each other. Raise your legs to where they make a right angle with your torso. Stretch your arms directly outwards with your palms facing down. This is your starting position.

hip lift belly pooch workouts

  • Now inhale and pull in your belling backwards/towards your spine. Exhale and lift your hips upwards to a few inches. While you do this, keep your legs straight.
  • Breath in and gradually lower your hip to the floor. Repeat this ten times in one go.

Reverse Crunches


  • Lie on your full back with your knees bent and pulled straight up making 90 degrees with your torso. Place your arms beside with your palms facing down. This is the initial position.

reverse crunches

  • Your initial position contracts your abs. Now gradually bull your knees towards your chest while you exhale. While you pull your knees towards your face/chest, your hips will also be lifted a few inches above the floor.
  • Inhale and start lowering your legs to just a few centimeters above the floor. Again keep full control while you descend your legs, don’t drop them under gravity. Repeat ten times.



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