Habits All Successful People Have In Common

A list of traits and habits all successful people share.

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Dawn Schawbel at Forbes has been interviewing successful people (the way it is defined)  from 2007 -13. As he says he has spoken to over 1200 CEO’s, celebrities, authors, politicians an astronaut.

During the course of his interview campaign, Dawn noticed that there were certain core traits which all of those people shared. When he looked a little deeper into it, he further noticed that the things that all of those successful people had in common, basically led to their success in life.

Dawn finally concludes the traits all successful people have in common in a list of 10 things. Enjoy the list and if you think something is missing, submit yours using the item submission form available at the end of this list.

1. They Always Do More Than Expected

Now this is one interesting trait these people have in common. They don't believe in this ''Enough Now'' rhetoric. And they always do a little extra of the work they are already doing, so enough, no more, target achieved like things are out of question.

You might have already wondered why Bilgates wants to earn more when he is already the richest person in the Wolrd? Does he need anymore money? What will change in his life even if he earns double of what he already has? Seems like he doesn't need to earn anymore!

But hey! that's the difference. He may really not to do more to make his life any different but he is built (Like all other successful people) that way. Even becoming the riches person in the World might not have brought about any drastic changes in his life, he still wants to work more. Because he knows working more adds more to the World.


2. Embrace Failure to Eventually Succeed

Another most important feature all successful people share is their willingness to accept failure in order to eventually succeed. Failure for successful people is not less than a catalyst that speeds up their journey towards final success.
They believe that there is no success without failure. No failure is only compatible with no life. NO LIFE, NO FAILURE! So failure is the core meaning of the life itself.
They always welcome failure with open arms as they truely know that failure simply tells you that you should make a certain change, improvement etc.


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