Six Fancy Products You Will Want If You Love Being Fancier

fancy products you will love

Fancy things are created from imagination rather than life! If you are like me who always try to prefer the fancier, you probably want your hands on these products. And let me be the first to tell you which one in the list i liked the most.. and it is, that damn cool Ice diamond maker!

Note: We don’t provide any direct links to the products as they may be sold by different sellers on varied prices. Its up to you to find the product you like by googling the title.

This Fancy Stain Kimono!

This fancy dress gives a complexion of drama and nighttime glamour. With wide open sleeves, short size and silky touch/feel, seems like it will guarantee comfort. And with small size it would be a perfect addition to your lingerie wardrobe.

fancy kimono

Gold Office Supplies

These cute gold office supplies make even the minimalist tasks feel chic. They can be part of some exclusive collection of office accessories.

office products cute


Rose-Gold Water Bottle

This gorgeous golden bottle encourages you to remain hydrated. You can use the bottle to hold other beverages as well.Rose-Gold Water Bottle

Ice Diamond Tray

Thirsty? Here, drink this glass of diamond water! You will be rocking while you serve your guests with these cute copies of diamond.

cute ice cube tray


Prosecco Bubble Bath

This highly geometric bottle will stand out among other bathroom stuff. As a product, it is generously enriched with honey, aloe vera, green tea and jojoba oil for a perfectly relaxing bath experience.Prosecco Bubble Bath

Flatware Set Gold

This finely-crafted gold flatware may give a royal look at first but the overwhelming fancy is what that catches my eyes. Smooth sleek contours, a golden mirror finish and a sturdy, ergonomic design create the perfect balance of form and function.

Flatware Set Gold

Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule

Whether you are on a travel or anywhere outdoors, this little cocktail kit is perfect to include some glam into your life. This kit includes the tools to mix two Moscow Mules mid-flight, including a bold and spicy small-batch ginger syrup.

Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule



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