20 Beauty Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing Now

20 beauty mistakes you are doing

Makeup is as delicate as beauty itself, very minor mistakes may give out profound errors in your outlook. With closets filled with diversity of beauty products, it is quite possible that you may be using one or some of them the wrong way. It is also possible that you might be using certain products which you don’t need at all. Here is a list of most common but serious beauty mistakes you may be doing right now.

Heavy concealer on dark circles

As we grow older, the skin covering our eyes above and below become thinner. This makes a thick cover-up. Keep the concealer light, carefully apply with a fine brush to distribute it evenly. And the important point here is, apply the concealer only in the dark areas leaving the lighter ones untouched.

Powder on wrong areas

Powder is one of the ancient beauty products which is very effective for shiny areas like tip of the nose and chin. If you apply it on other parts of the face, it will start showing wrinkles. It may also result in too dry skin which you don’t want.

Same concealer for everything

Just because it’s concealer doesn’t mean we use it on every area. Proper targeting of specific areas with relevant concealer gives outstanding results. For instance, peach concealer is best for under eye circles as it conceals out the blue shadows. A green-toned concealer is expected to rectify red for example pimples and blemishes.

Hard eyeliner, bad idea!

Independent of your skin tone, a hard applied eyeliner always looks harsh. Avoid applying the eyeliner like a marker. You may better use a pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid one and do some justice to your beautiful eyes.



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