6 Life hacks for Home & Office That are Borderline Genius

Life hacks are quick and scientific approaches towards everyday life bugs formulated by geniuses. Below is a list of 6 life hacks to help you doing things quickly and effectively at your home and in office.

Label Cords and Cables | 6 Life Hacks

With bunch of electronic devices around us, it is possible that the cables and cords get mixed every time they are moved or unplugged. This is not only irritating but sometimes can also be fatal. Plugging in a wrong cable into the socket may burn a valuable device or cause a fire. A efficient way of sorting this out is labeling the cables with tags for their corresponding gadgets.

Label Cords and Cables

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Photograph Cable Arrangements Before Moving

This life hack is especially useful if you are moving to a new home. If you are not good at understanding the proper cabling in complex electronic computers and WIFI devices. Take a photograph of the cables and cords with your phone before you unplug them. This photograph will be very handy once you are ready to plug in everything back.

Photograph Cable Arrangements Before Moving

Microsoft Word For Free

If you can’t afford Microsoft Word for you home or office PC, there is a way out, a better way out indeed. Download ”Open Office”, the software is just like MS Word except that it has got more features and is free.

Microsoft Word For Free

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