They Always Do More Than Expected (1/3)

Now this is one interesting trait these people have in common. They don’t believe in this ”Enough Now” rhetoric. And they always do a little extra of the work they are already doing, so enough, no more, target achieved like things are out of question.

You might have already wondered why Bilgates wants to earn more when he is already the richest person in the Wolrd? Does he need anymore money? What will change in his life even if he earns double of what he already has? Seems like he doesn’t need to earn anymore!

But hey! that’s the difference. He may really not to do more to make his life any different but he is built (Like all other successful people) that way. Even becoming the riches person in the World might not have brought about any drastic changes in his life, he still wants to work more. Because he knows working more adds more to the World.



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