Slim Waist Workouts; Your Turn to be Firm, Flat, Fab!

This workout combines seven exercises that together work your midsection.

Round Back

Workout targets: Rectus and transversus abdominis

Starting position: Fold a towel, place it  on the floor,  a few inches away from a wall. Sit on the towel with your shoulder blades touching the wall, knees bent, feet flat. This should make it sure that your back is rounded. Place your hands on the floor just near hips.

round back waist trimming workout

Start Working out: Lift feet off floor by squeezing abs, bring your knees towards your chest, straighten the legs in a way that your toes directly point towards the ceiling. Do 10 pulses: Bring legs 1 inch closer to wall, then move them back 1 inch.

Frequency: Do 10 reps. 5 if you find it tougher.