Our Approach Towards External Links

At Asma.net, you may come across links to external sites. Such type of linking enables us to provide you with additional details where needed.

Objectives behind external links:

  1. To provide our audience with additional information.
  2. To cite the source of any information for the purpose of clarification.
  3. To provide in-depth knowledge of stories and events.
  4. To entertain our audience.

Safe links:

When we link part/parts of our content to external sites, we make it sure that our outgoing visitors only land on ‘secure to use’ webpages.

We double check the links for possible scam, fraud or otherwise misleading content. So, the sole purpose of content linking on Asma is to provide you with rich information.

Content of external sites:

Please keep in mind that, while we ensure the safety of outgoing links, we don’t bear any responsibility for the content of those sites.