DIY Storage Bench, Turn a Bookshelf into One Full Tutorial

DIY Storage Bench, How to Turn a Bookshelf into One

This DIY storage bench is amazing for so many reasons? Here is why:

  • The bench has enough space and height for your kids to sit, play and look out of the window which kids love to do.
  • Provides a wonderful place to sit and rest.
  • The storage boxes are really handy to use. Put anything inside and enjoy a clean surrounding.
  • Increases 4-5 seats in the room.
  • Gives you satisfaction for completing the project.

DIY storage Bench, Things you need:

a. The first thing you need is an expedite shelving unit. You may order this from ikea. Alternatively you may build your own if you have time and resources. In my case i just ordered one and started the project.

b. Two sets of capita legs shown below (6 legs in total). Again you may order them from IKEA or find them on your own. I would recommend 4 inch ones which is perfect for the kids to climb and adults to sit and rest.

c. MDF board and foam. We got our MDF board cut at Home Depot (for free) to the dimensions of the shelving unit.

The board cost us less than $15 and we had enough for both window benches with some board left over.


CAPITA Leg, stainless steel

These legs are available on IKEA, you may find varied versions of them.

It is pretty easy to screw them on each end and in the middle of the bench.



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